COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Keeping you informed

17 March 2020

It is becoming clear that together we face an almost unprecedented challenge. Through it we all have the same goals, keeping our families and loved ones healthy, while continuing with lifestyle choices that make us happy. 

For staff and customers of Andrew’s Airport Parking alike, be assured this is the absolute message spoken within our business. “Good-Old Fashioned Service” has long been our backbone and we are well prepared to deliver what that means to you today, throughout this challenge and long beyond.

We have been keeping updated from relative health and travel sources, so that our precautions and preventative measures can keep pace. We have a team continually monitoring those information channels, to make necessary adjustments to procedures in branch and to keep our customers informed.

This page will be frequently updated and linked through our websites, social media and e-News as our primary source of information for all. 

First, we remain open

Andrew’s Airport Parking remains open and short of regulatory intervention, will remain open throughout COVID-19.

If you are considering travel, we encourage you to continue pre-booking your parking requirements with Andrew’s. You have the option of pre-booking without pre-payment and therefore without cancellation fee if your plans change.

By pre-booking, we form a realistic picture of daily customer movements and can staff accordingly for uninterrupted service.

What we are doing onsite

Of course, appropriate cleaning, hygiene and risk mitigation procedures are priority for everyone onsite. Currently you will see:

  • Customer service staff wearing cotton gloves, to minimise potential spread across surfaces, keys, money and receipts.
  • Drivers, Yard Movement and Vehicle Cleaning staff wearing grip gloves, to minimise potential spread across luggage, bus and customer vehicle surfaces without compromise to safe driving.
  • Buses being disinfected routinely.
  • Reception areas such as counter tops and door handles being disinfected routinely.
  • All staff washing their hands, regardless of gloves, during shift breaks.
  • Hand sanitiser available for staff and customers either in branch or on bus.
  • We will be restricting contact and where reasonable creating space between staff and customers, for everyone’s benefit. We are a personable business used to shaking hands and helping in very close proximity with customers, I’m certain you will understand if we deliver our service with space.

Andrew’s are adhering strictly to appropriate Department of Health information regarding illness, isolation and testing of anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, as well as anyone rostered on and working during that person’s latest shifts.

Currently, that information leads us to:

  • Isolate and have tested any staff member showing specific symptoms of COVID-19, along with any staff member in extended close contact during that shift.
  • Should any staff member be confirmed as having COVID-19, they will quarantine for 14 days. All staff from their department and any others in close contact who shared a roster in the 48 hours prior will be isolated until cleared by a medical professional to return to work and all customers onsite during that staff member’s shift in the 48 hours prior will be notified.
  • As an extra measure of health and safety we are restricting staff with common cold or general illness symptoms, not to work. They are to recover before returning to work.

To date, we have had zero staff displaying symptoms of and requiring testing for COVID-19.

What you can do onsite

Our traveling customers include all age groups, standards of health and returning from many destinations both domestic and international (who will come through Andrew’s to collect their vehicle before beginning mandatory self-isolation).

In all cases, your common courtesy and best hygiene practices will be valuable:

  • Should you need to cough or sneeze, do so into a tissue or your inner elbow.
  • Respect the space that people will request.
  • Avoid handshaking and other unnecessary contact with fellow customers and our staff.
  • Use the facilities that we have available for your cleanliness, including sanitiser and our bathrooms.
  • For your own confidence, wipe down your keys, driver’s side door handle and steering wheel upon return. We are taking all possible precautions, but you can ensure your health quickly and easily.

Again, together we are embarking on a relatively short, but unprecedented challenge. Our customers are our heartbeat and your health and safety is our number one concern. Whether you choose to travel with us in the short term, or in the months after this challenge subsides, we look forward to seeing and supporting you.

Safe Travels.

Andrew Shanahan
Managing Director

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